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Soviet Soviet + Comaneci/Live, Friday 9 December @ SIX D.O.G.S.

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At the 1976 Olympics, in front of a stadium buzzing with voices and staring eyes a young girl made history. With cat-like grace and a framework more suited for a butterfly than a tumbler, Nadia Comaneci enchanted, danced and floated between the parallels becoming the first gymnast to ever score a perfect 10.
Comaneci entered everyones heart in that stadium, and in 2002 started to share her meaningful appellative with this punk acoustic outfit from Ravenna, Italy.
Comaneci issued two self-titled EP in 2004 and 2005, the albums _volcano_ in 2007 and YOU A LIE in 2009. They played many shows throughout Italy, Europe and Usa; a precious collaboration with director S. Mordini for the soundtrack of his film Provincia Meccanica also presented at the Berlin Festival (OST available on EMI).
Francesca Amati – Classical guitar, vocals
Glauco Salvo – Electric guitar, banjo

Soviet Soviet were born in 2008 between Pesaro and Fano, Italy.
After a year they refine a bunch of singles gathered toghether and
published, in 2009, in their first self-produced EP recorded at Waves
Studio of their long time friend Paolo Rossi who still captures and
cures the band’s sounds.
With the first live gigs and the spread of the songs on the internet,
they start to receive positive feedbacks and, in Semptember 2009, they
are reviewed on Pitchfork.

In 2010, Soviet Soviet, toghether with the anglo-french Frank (Just
Frank), publish their second EP for the Mannequin Records, then quoted
by Simon Reynolds in his new work “Retromania”. After a french tour,
the three guys discover a vocation for the european stages and the
number of live exibitions grows: they start to play all over Europe,
even in many important festivals.
In February 2011, the Tannen Records label, from Verona, cures the
digital release of “Nice”, a collection of the two EP. In May 2011,
the song “Restless” is published by Discipline in the compilation “A
Contemporary Picture of the Obscure Italo Music Movement”. Later, the
band lands in eight different countries of the Eastern Europe thanks
to a new crowded tour.
In June 2011, the song “Lokomotiv” is selected as opening track for
the berliner compilation “Death # Disco – Volume I”.
In the same month, the Tannen Records seals the union with the band by
publishing the EP “Summer, Jesus” that collects a lot of good reviews
from national and international media.

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